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We owe our continued success to the commitment and know-how of our employees. We invest in staff training and development to promote an experienced and competent workforce. L’Empreinte believes in fostering work relationships based on mutual respect and team spirit and in nurturing the dedication and drive of all employees. 

Jean-Pierre Rose



Partner, President, Director General

L’Empreinte is a prestigious business that I have worked with as a client. I chose to and I truly feel privileged to have the opportunity to invest in the company and play an active role in creating the next chapters. With 130 employees and 30 years of history, l’Empreinte is a leader because of its audacity, the quality of its work and its constant motivation to go further afield.”

What motivates me

Help l’Empreinte and its artisans grow and stand out for years to come!

Luc Janson



Partner, Vice President Marketing and Business Development

L’Empreinte’s culture is to go beyond the initial request and steer the client toward the result it wants. We are seeking now more than ever to be sharp, transparent, flexible, and authentic. Our strength is the way we guide the client throughout the production process and watch for pitfalls before they become costs!

What motivates me

Strive for excellence! Hear out our clients and always tell them exactly what’s going on in order to get the results they want.

Yves Beauchamp



Partner, Vice President Sales

I always ask my teams: How can we do even better? It’s simple, just predict what printing will be like in the future and do all we can to be the first ones there. The projects that make us better are very complex ones! This pride in achievement is a real motivator for our employees.

What motivates me

Complex projects, challenges that drive us to stretch our boundaries.

Jean-Marc Dumont



Senior Advisor

Teamwork is what drives l’Empreinte’s mandates and establishing interpersonal relationships with my professional network and clients is the best part of my job. Each new job request is stimulating, especially because techniques and know-how evolve so rapidly. This encourages me to constantly refresh my knowledge in the field. I am solution-oriented so I enjoy being able to offer all the possibilities to our clients.

What motivates me

New challenges that keep me on my toes.

Michel Lalonde



Printing Representative

Working as a printing representative for so many years has allowed me to reach a level of expertise that is both fulfilling and efficient. The combination of sales and interpersonal skills lets me put my knowledge to work for our clients. My initial training as an estimator allows me to quickly give the client a clear idea of the budget required for their projects. Well planned projects are delivered quickly and smoothly!

What motivates me

Human interaction and the sense of a job well done.

Jacques Leroux



Major Accounts Director

I have always enjoyed supporting clients as they grow their businesses. My role at l’Empreinte allows me to assist our partners throughout the entire process, from the initial concept to selecting the most appropriate printing technique. My knowledge of production has given me an understanding of the technical realities of printing, and I can now share my field experience with clients!

What motivates me

Working on a concept with a client until it has been transformed into an original and unexpected printed format.

Véronique Comeau



Business Development Manager

Thanks to my role at l’Empreinte, I have the opportunity and the pleasure to show customers what we can bring to their printed projects. Whether the client requires a corporate document, a magazine, or packaging, I always strive to deliver the “wow factor” that our clients and partners look for. I am very grateful to be able to represent a compassionate company with positive values that allows me to work with a multitude of companies in different fields. L’Empreinte embodies diversity, commitment and passion!

What motivates me

Turning each client’s experience with l’Empreinte into a long-term partnership.

Yanne Lavoie




What motivates me at l’Empreinte is the company’s values and commitment to make a difference in our industry in terms of sustainable development. The combination of cutting-edge solutions and state-of-the-art technologies makes working at l’Empreinte incredibly stimulating! I like to contribute to the company by bringing efficiency to each stage of a project and collaborating with all our departments, from estimating to shipping.. 

What motivates me

Enhancing products with environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging.

Éric Leblanc



Senior Printing Advisor

With more than 30 years of experience in the printing industry under my belt, I have honed my expertise and creativity so I can put them to use on my clients’ most diverse projects. Here at l’Empreinte, new challenges crop up every day, and this is exactly what makes me want to add a personal touch and innovate even more to enhance the quality and originality of your creations!

What motivates me

Finding the perfect solution to make a project stand out.

Yannick Dugal



Senior Advisor and Sales Division Support

The strength of our industry is a timeless source of motivation: the printing industry has been active for centuries and will remain so for a long time to come! All our mandates involve real and tangible needs, and our active contribution to meeting these needs fulfills me every day. I like to discover how each step of the printing process works, and I pass on this same love of discovery to our clients whenever I have the opportunity!

What motivates me

Overseeing the entire project, from the production stage to in-store delivery.

Pierre Lemaire



Senior Advisor

Thanks to the diversity of l’Empreinte’s clients, I can work with new people every day in a variety of exciting fields. This element is particularly stimulating, since it encourages me to continually improve my knowledge and persevere in order to come up with solutions and deliver success!

What motivates me

Getting to grips with the specifics of a wide range of mandates in the restaurant and retail sectors.

Odette Pharès



Sales Advisor

At l’Empreinte, I particularly like the rewarding feeling that comes from guiding clients throughout the creation of their printed product when it comes to logistics, inventory management and meeting deadlines. For the past 32 years, I have been working as a team with another representative, which has honed my expertise and ensures that I am available to work on a wide range of multifaceted projects.

What motivates me

Product launches involving many assembled parts. The adrenaline rush that comes from delivering urgent projects.

Jacques Perrotte



Sales Advisor

Printing is one of very few sectors where, as a representative, I can play a role in creating the finished product. I like to create models and prototypes to better understand the various needs of our clients. I have built up 39 years of experience in the field so I can bring a range of project experience to the table at l’Empreinte, which includes business forms, self-adhesive labels and commercial printing.

What motivates me

Creating distinctive projects, packaging and printing using multiple materials.

Jonathan Bois



Printing Solutions Advisor

After 20 years working in production, I needed to take on new challenges, so I accepted a consultant role in 2018, which allows me to use my expertise in materials and printing techniques in a different way. I particularly enjoy the contact with customers: meeting their needs and expectations and overseeing the entire development process, which is essentially turning the raw material into a magazine or packaging! In my opinion, what really sets l’Empreinte apart is the team spirit and the constant desire for innovation.

What motivates me

Working with unusual materials and delivering high quality products on time.

Mélanie Lanctôt



Printing Solutions Advisor

Thanks to my experience in sales, I try to provide more than a simple service every day. I establish a support relationship with my clients and guide them towards the optimal printing solution. I love it when I successfully translate the client’s vision of their project into reality. Here at l’Empreinte, each new mandate is a challenge and I look forward to listening to the client’s needs and tackling the project!

What motivates me

Bringing publishing and specialized magazine projects to life.

L’Empreinte calls upon an array of sophisticated machines, but more importantly, it is made up of a team of passionate people who are committed to delivering the best quality. Their daily involvement makes l’Empreinte a leader in Quebec’s printing industry.

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Andre Sirois
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