We always ensure that we provide our clients with a turnkey service and are proud to offer a wide range of complementary services. 


Clients are often surprised at the range of services on offer, but they always appreciate the results, which makes l’Empreinte a high quality provider.


Shipping department

We boast a 15,000 square-foot facility and a team that is dedicated to preparing your shipments, which gives you added flexibility when the time comes to ship printed projects. Our customers have the choice of using our fleet of vehicules, those of our transport partner or their own carrier trust ensuring beneficial, flexible and efficient shipping solutions.


Mail delivery services

We are a certified partner of Canada Post, which allows us to push the limits of mass mailing campaigns. You can rely on the expertise of our team, who know the ins and outs of the most complex printing projects. They can help you manage and structure your data.


Inventory management

Managing your printed material is a breeze thanks to our inventory management system. Whether you have a lack of space or you want to take a strategic approach to staggered campaigns that must be sent on different dates, we can offer you space and logistics expertise to help you manage your inventory.


Web-to-print/Online orders

For our clients who have repeat orders with the same format, we are proud to offer the PrintSys solution which allows you to order and generate your printed documents automatically using an online interface. Do you need specific programming to connect your printing procurement services to our systems? We can propose tailor-made solutions that will simplify the process!


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